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when jewelry and the gym meet

when jewelry and the gym meet

the improbable duos meets in strange manners but it is often the most exciting, wouldn’t you agree?

there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to styling jewelry but there are some regarding the care of said jewelry. one is: do not wear your jewelry when exercising because your sweat might damage and accelerate the natural discoloration of your pieces. with this said, we can’t stop you from looking amazing at the gym, and after all, that’s what our refresh and reborn service is for!

so, I come here in peace as someone who doesn’t take the jewelry [ or makeup tbh ] of the day off if I’m going to the gym, unless it’s actually bothering my workout, and bring you the best options to look and feel great while sweating off the troubles of the week.

the best option is always fine jewelry as the gold doesn’t get damaged but here you’ll find options for every preference and style.

rita jordão is the senior designer at CINCO, was born in ’97 and is graduated in multimedia and communication design. loves every expression of art and suffers from FOMO. also born to make others have a good laugh through her social awareness jokes.

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