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transitioning seasons with ease

transitioning seasons with ease

as days are getting longer and it’s starting to get warmer, we found ourselves panicking because suddenly the new season is here and we got nothing to wear. we all know the feeling, don’t we? but before we start adding things to our cart, let’s take a long collective breath. after all, transitioning seasons can - and should - be done with ease. here are some quick steps to follow before start loosing out.

audit, audit, audit. never underestimate the importance of going through your last spring/summer clothes. not only because you will be presented with the hard truth that you do have something to wear but mostly because you will get a clear sense of where you should be investing your attention and money on.

it’s no secret that I love creating moodboards and the good thing about moodboards is that there are no right or wrong strategies. you can do it on instagram, you can use pinterest or you can just screenshot everything that catches your eye and add it to an album on your photo library.

now that you got a clear sense of what aesthetics you are really into, it’s time to add things to your wishlist. instead of feeling the urge to “add things to cart”, be strategic about it and put some thought into shopping.

new season, new you? not necessarily. for instance, if you like to play with layers, you don’t need to ditch them completely. you can always choose lighter fabrics. the same goes for shoes. it might sound obvious, but sometimes all you have to do is add a summery heel to bring your outfit into the warmer months. if something works for you and it’s part of your style DNA, find ways to make it work regardless of the season we’re in.


cátia santos reis "the world is yours but greece is mine” could be her mantra as cátia santos reis is yet to find a greek island she hasn’t fallen in love with. in the meantime, she keeps traveling the world. for CINCO editorial, the 34 year-old, will share her favorite things to do, visit and eat in every destination.

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