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the trend of silver objects at home

the trend of silver objects at home

silver is getting stronger and stronger in accessories and at the same time lifestyle objects are gaining ground. from a more classic style to modern, silver can adapt to any environment. 

but it's not just jewelry that's gaining ground in silver, interior elements such as jewelry holders, cutlery, vases, seem to be having a big comeback. 

we believe that these are perfect elements to ensure a harmony between more modern environments and more classic objects, referring us to a necessary harmony. combining a contemporary style with a timeless metal like silver makes anyone feel in the right space.

for us to start designing objects is being a challenge but a necessary challenge. silver can be found everywhere. so why stop in jewelry?


 the combing comb in sterling


li furtado
 is the founder and creative director of CINCO. born in '82 in alentejo, portugal she graduated in geography from the university of coimbra. after working for 10 years as a consultant, she quit her job to follow her dream and love for fashion. with a creative and restless mind, she is driven by new ideas and her focus is to always have time to enjoy life with her family.

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