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the style debate: can I wear flip-flops to a wedding? I say yes!

the style debate: can I wear flip-flops to a wedding? I say yes!

some may say flip-flops are beach attire only. well, you can count me out of that group because as all trends do, this one came back and I’m here for it!

I get it, traditionally the flip-flops we all know and love, at least as a portuguese, are the brazilian havaianas, with the rubber sole and pvc straps, and those are very casual footwear. however I can still link them to weddings, as I have attended a wedding of a beautiful brazilian bride and by the end of the night we all got havaianas flip-flops as a gift because there’s nothing worse than trying to dance the night away with blisters on your feet. 

but havaianas aside, I first saw flip-flops in a more classy and dressed up way in my mom. I remember when I was little she had these beautiful black leather flip-flops and she would dress them up perfectly, with sundresses or denim skirts and a pretty top. I loved watching her have fun with styling these and this was pretty impactful just because I never saw anyone with such fashionable flip-flops. but now, in 2023, we see this trend come back and I feel like I should scour the internet and find my own pair of black leather flip-flops and live out my moms looks!

but we’re here to talk weddings! we’re in an era of classy, of minimalism, of clean girl… all of these fit perfectly with the comeback of flip-flops, wether these are flat, high heels, platform, whatever. It truly just depends on your style. So, here’s my suggestions to hop on the flip-flop train this wedding season:

a take on my moms perfect flat flip-flops:

tory burch capri plaque-logo flip-flops


the kitten heel:



the princess:



the extra: 



rita jordão
 is the senior designer at CINCO, was born in ’97 and is graduated in multimedia and communication design. loves every expression of art and suffers from FOMO. also born to make others have a good laugh through her social awareness jokes.

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