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paris for foodies

paris for foodies

it's impossible to talk about paris and not talk about gastronomy. from the timeless charm of classic french restaurants to the vibrant and creative neo-bistros that in these few years have been a stage to a new wave of chefs, to a democratization of the high gastronomy. 

the city's rich culinary landscape reflects its cultural heritage. the french know better than anyone the "art de vivre": the art of enjoying life's little pleasures, getting lost in time and space in deep and endless conversations backed by some bottles of wine and food made with.

paris isn't just about the food but the memories woven into every dish. it's about the moments when laughter rang out over a candlelit dinner, the intimate conversations held over glasses of exquisite wine, and the simple joys of sharing a croissant or a sweet patisserie with a friend in a park or on your way to a date. food in paris is the heartbeat of our memories. some of my best memories in paris were spent like this with friends, lovers, or even with myself.

in this article, I invite you to join me on an emotional journey through my favorite restaurants in paris. these places held some of my best memories in paris and sharing them is like opening a box full of memories and flavors worth the visit. these are not just places to eat; they are chapters in the story of my time in this extraordinary city. 

making this list was something very hard for me, I've shortened the list many times (the original had 63 places, including wine, cocktail bars, and patisseries). 

notice that securing a reservation in some of these places can be a challenge, sometimes you can stay on a waiting list for months and not get into it. having a french phone number can help a LOT (believe me). my advice is to go to the restaurant anyway, you have always no shows. 


having a reservation here was a challenge I needed to be on a waiting list, my expectations were high, but they were exceeded. septime is a neo-bistro with a green and michelin star by the chef bertrand grébaut. grébaut's . the menu changes every two weeks, using only fresh ingredients and combining them in a creative and unexpected way. 

the restaurant offers an impressive selection of wines, focusing on natural and biodynamic options. the wine list complements the dishes and enhances the unique experience. if you don´t get a place in septime you can go to the septime la cave and have some glasses of wine your to clamato, their seafood restaurant. 


this is by far my favorite french bistro and the first restaurant that came to my mind when I thought about the places that I would put on this list. this place has a soul like few places have in paris, you don't see tourists here, and you are not searching for the “insta-worthy “. the ambiance is intimist, where every meal is a love letter to the senses, and the essence of french gastronomy is celebrated with every plate.

the only thing that came to my mind when describing the food from le petit clestin is comfort food, which warms your heart in each bite. I remember the first time I came here thought “what a simple menu, I find this in whole paris” but then I was completely surprised by the richness of flavors. the tarte tartin is by far the best in paris! trust me you will never forget this place. 


from a classic french restaurant to a franco-japanese fusion restaurant. shiro is localized on boulevard saint-germain and is one of those places that you will always remember for the combination of unexpected flavors. and trust me you don't find anything like this.

I had one of the best dining experiences of my life here.  I still remember the filet de bœuf angus, with butternut mousse with port wine, and the lobster with lobster sauce, tomato cream, and cauliflower muslin.

my advice is to sit in the corner, it's always the best way to enjoy the experience. I advise you you take pair the meal with the wine and at the end the japanese whiskey and vodka tasting. the cocktails are also great!


I thought many times if I would put this one or not. apart from all the insta-whorty buzz around this place, in my opinion, is a place worth a visit.  localized in the musée des arts décoratifs it has a terrace overlooking the jardin du carrousel of the tuileries gardens. 

the menu was inspired by the french and italian riviera. you can find a variety of dishes, from fresh seafood to pasta and other mediterranean-inspired options. the truffle pasta and the linguine with pesto de pistaches are delicious and I advise you to finish the meal with the tiramisu or the millefeuille. what about visiting the museum before having a meal here? trust me it's the perfect weekend plan.


the concept of early june is absolutely unique. this restaurant hosts chefs from all over the world for 2 weeks or one month. the ambiance is cozy and intimate with candlelight. you feel that you are at home with friends. the owners are polished hospitality pros; creating a youthful dj-dinner party vibe during service, while each chef-in-residence brings their own style using seasonal.

they don’t take reservations for groups smaller than four people, so plan to either get there just before or shortly after they open. if you come later than that you won’t be able to get a table. it is localized in one of the most authentic neighborhoods in the city near canal st.martin. after or before the dinner, take a walk around the canal.


probably one of my biggest surprises in paris, this is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants ever. 

tékes in hebrew, means ceremony, with the implication of a celebration. that's the word that defines tékes, celebration. celebration of middle east cuisine, the plates are rich, full of spices, and intense in flavor. celebration as well of life, don't think weird if the staff start singing the songs while cooking or serving. 

once again I advise you to sit on the corner in order to have a more immersive experience.  


this is one of those restaurants that I go to every time in paris. the atmosphere of the place is surreal, with an oval-shaped, open kitchen there's no way to feel alone, even if you are alone. 

one of the images I have of this place is the chef always cooking with a big smile and you can feel an amazing vibe in the kitchen. the menu is seasonal, the plates are made to share, and the selection of wines is impressive. I never got disappointed with the suggestions. it has an amazing quality/price ratio.


another one that I go to every time I am in paris. I love their food, coffee, and vibe. is one of the places I trust to have brunch in paris without having an overdose of sugar.  the first one is the Marais and it's mainly a coffee shop, open until 15 pm, here you can have an amazing brunch, cake, and specialty coffee. the second localized on the 11th arrondissement opened last year and this one is open until midnight.

they have a delicious lunch menu composed of 3 plates (entree, main dish, and dessert) that change daily, and at night small plates to share with a selection of natural wines. 


my go-to place every time I wanted to have a good cheese plate (trust me they have one of the best in the city). localizated in saint-germain-des-prés. la palette is famous for its artistic and literary connections, as it was a favorite hangout for many artists, writers, and intellectuals, including pablo picasso, ernest hemingway, and jim morrison.

they have a big selection of french wines and typical french dishes. the clientele is still very local, you can find a lot of owners from the art galleries in the area. 

daniela pedroso, a 25-year-old with an insatiable thirst for life, is a free soul at heart. from a young age, her world has been colored by the vibrant hues of fashion, music, and art. her journey led her to the enchanting streets of paris, where she pursued her dreams and achieved a remarkable 5+ in luxury brand management.

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